Project – Concrete Corrosion Tracking and Prediction

Concrete Corrosion Tracking and Prediction

Cost-effective, deployable photonic sensor system

Project Participants: Sydney Water, Melbourne Water, UTS, ANSTO, Macquarie University, La Trobe University, UTS

Sewer pipe failure is a growing worldwide problem as wastewater systems age and come under increasing load. When sewer pipes fail it is disruptive for the general public and comes with high financial, public health and environmental costs.

Australia alone spends over $1.4 billion annually on water and sewer pipe maintenance. The project will develop long-lived (> 10 years) “smart coupons”, that once installed, will emulate the physical and chemical conditions in the surrounding concrete wastewater pipes.

Smart coupons will track concrete corrosion, predict end-of-service time frames, and improve operation practices to reduce rehabilitation costs of wastewater concrete assets.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • A system for measuring concrete corrosion rates and predicting sewer failure.
  • Reduced cost of sewer maintenance leading to lower water charges for Australian Households.
  • Less inconvenience and problem odours from sewer degradation.

Dr. Martin Ams, Research Fellow
Prof. Paul Pigram, LaTrobe
Prof. Michael Withford, Distinguished Professor, Macquarie University
Dr  Heriberto Bustamante, Sydney Water
Dr Thomas Kuen, Melbourne Water