Getting to know our Board – Gunilla Burrowes

Gunilla Burrowes is a dedicated and committed board member who brings a wealth of business experience and has held several director and board roles in her career.

As an engineer by trade, and based in Newcastle, a city founded on engineering, Gunilla has been an angel investor for 15 years, providing financial backing for entrepreneurs starting a new business. Her involvement with The Hunter Innovation Ecosystem in particular means that she brings knowledge of what start-up’s need and the commercialisation journey required for success.

Gunilla started her own successful company in underwater technology 22 years ago. From a start-up, growth was achieved through acquisition as well as organic growth and as a co-founder Gunilla has overseen the development of partnerships, products and markets and understands the financial needs of business.

As a director for Blue Economy CRC, one of the biggest CRCs in Australia, Gunilla is extremely familiar with governance, collaborative research and IP and commercialisation also in a CRC with charitable status. She is a member of the Impact and Investment Committee (IIC) and brings operational and technical know-how to the SmartCrete CRC board as she can think laterally to understand the risks involved in technical projects. Her engineering background means she understands how to work as a team and build meaningful connections but also how to identify and solve problems.

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