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$3.54 million to power industry-led research into sustainable concrete

NewsMedia Releases22 November 2023

The SmartCrete Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) has approved eight industry-led research projects valued at over $10 million (cash and in-kind)...

Net Zero: Concrete innovation must lay the foundation

NewsArticles19 October 2023

There is no net zero without a dramatic reduction in emissions from concrete production. While Australia has exceptional capabilities in...

New materials to solve the concrete conundrum

NewsArticles16 August 2023

Entirely new engineering challenges arise when buildings are designed using materials other than concrete. The solutions to these challenges will...

Future for 3D Concrete Printing: Sustainability & Standards

NewsArticles10 June 2023

As the world’s industries scramble to find solutions to growing problems posed by climate change, the construction industry has made...