SmartCrete CRC CEO Announcement

 SmartCrete CRC wishes to advise that Warren South our current CEO has resigned from his position as at Friday 21st January 2022.

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Warren has spent the last 18 months transitioning SmartCrete from the establishment to operational stage, with significant achievements in the operating systems, securing a broader portfolio of partners, commencing the first wave of research to meet our Commonwealth milestones and facilitating the Decarbonation Pathways research project.

Warren has achieved this despite the challenges of Covid-19 and the impact on face-to-face communication, travel and working from home.

The SmartCrete Board thanks Warren for his contribution and wish him well in the next stage of his career journey.

The SmartCrete Board notes that the recruitment process for the new CEO has commenced and in the interim the CEO function will be split between the Chair Elizabeth Taylor and Board member Stephen Harmer.

The near-term emphasis will be on accelerated commencement of research projects for the existing partners, securing new strategic partners and translating the Decarbonation Pathways research into outcomes-based research for the Australian economy.

Elizabeth Taylor – Interim CEO
Stephen Harmer – Interim CEO 

Click here to download the full Media Release (PDF)