SmartCrete CRC engaging with Industry to further advance Sustainability goals.

The SmartCrete CRC is actively operating with the goal to ensure the long-term viability of vital existing and future concrete infrastructure through improvement in cost, application, and sustainability.

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SmartCrete CRC does this by providing contacts, connections, and funding for successful research projects to address the various issues and challenges for concrete, especially in its application in infrastructure.

As part of our major research pipeline, SmartCrete CRC is delighted to announce we are funding work currently underway to identify potential pathways for further reducing carbon emissions across the Australian cement and concrete industry.

SmartCrete CRC is proud to be a funding partner in this important sphere and looks forward to sharing more about this work in the coming months. We are particularly excited about the opportunity the project presents to further engage with our partners and connections across the research and academic community.

SmartCrete CRC CEO Dr Warren South said this work is perfectly aligned with the goal of the organization and the commitment to supporting the long-term vitality of existing and future concrete infrastructure.

“As a Co-operative Research Centre, we are delighted to be working with the Cement & Concrete industry in the area of sustainability and are particularly excited about seeing our project funding directed to further research on such a vital aspect of Concrete as a construction material.”

For further information please contact:

Dr Warren South
Chief Executive Officer
SmartCrete CRC