SmartCrete CRC looking to secure projects in Engineered Solutions and Asset Management

In addressing its vision to ensure the long-term viability of vital concrete infrastructure, SmartCrete CRC will continue to facilitate the creation of networks between the concrete industry and research providers to address the research requirements that have been identified. SmartCrete CRC is ready to consider relevant projects that support key innovation areas. While we have made substantial progress in Sustainability, SmartCrete CRC is also interested in developing projects on Engineered Solutions and Asset Management which are part of our core themes as a collaborative research centre. In addition, the organisation has funding available to realise these projects.

Engineered Solutions may include projects on innovative structural or construction system, product development and application of engineering solutions to improve productivity and the service life of concrete structures, while Asset Management may be related to cost reduction, durability of materials or creating methodology to predict asset life span. If you have a project idea that addresses an industry problem area and a preferred commercial partner to work with, please submit your idea below.

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For further information please do no hesitate to contact Dr Vute Sirivivatnanon: