SmartCrete CRC, CCAA & Decarbonisation

CCAA is the peak industry body for the heavy construction materials Industry in Australia and represents members operating cement manufacturing and distribution facilities, concrete batching plants, hard rock quarries and sand and gravel extraction operations throughout the nation. CCAA membership covers over 80% of the $15 billion heavy construction materials industry in Australia.

SmartCrete is proud to have CCAA as a core partner, given its focus on government and broader stakeholder advocacy; assistance to building and construction industry professionals; development of market applications; and technical and research expertise.

The ambitions for the concrete industry shared by SmartCrete CRC and CCAA include demonstrating concrete’s sustainability credentials, encouraging collaboration and networking, and supplying and sharing information. In support of the industry’s target to deliver net zero carbon cement and concrete to Australian society by 2050, CCAA and SmartCrete have both outlined their commitment to work towards decarbonisation by contributing to the new independent report developed by VDZ(1) called The Decarbonisation Pathways Report. The report identifies eight pathways and key future research opportunities to achieve this decarbonisation goal.

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SmartCrete CRC look forward to their continued collaboration with CCAA as we develop engagement plans to better understand the technologies and practices needed to decarbonise Australian cement and concrete.

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1.VDZ is a world-renowned research centre, providing practical and quality-oriented joint research and services in the field of cement and concrete.