SmartCrete CRC up for the challenge

SmartCrete CRC is proud to have been a major contributor to the new independent report “Decarbonization Pathways for the Australian Cement and Concrete Sector” that was launched on the 19th October 2021, and strongly believes that this document charts a practical way forward to lowering sector emissions by 2050.

Click here to download the full Media Release (PDF)

The report identifies 8 decarbonisation pathways with actions that are essential to successfully implement this plan. In addressing its vision to ensure the long-term viability of vital concrete infrastructure, SmartCrete CRC will continue to facilitate the creation of networks between the concrete industry and research providers to address the research requirements that have been identified. SmartCrete CRC is ready to consider relevant projects that support key innovation areas. In addition, the organisation has funding available to realise these projects.

Sustainability is one of the three research streams for SmartCrete CRC and its partners. The goals of the current COP26 summit in Glasgow further validates the need for collaboration between government, industry and research providers to uncover solutions in the fields of technology, application and regulation. SmartCrete CRC provides a unique opportunity for the industry and stakeholders to address these goals and generate a lasting legacy.

“Our challenge to all participants in the concrete supply chain is to examine the topic of climate change and discuss what SmartCrete CRC can do to assist in addressing the issues raised at COP26.”

SmartCrete CRC is facilitating change for the industry, and we require industry contribution and commitment to allow us to leverage practical research and pave the way forward to lower carbon future.

Click here to download the full Media Release (PDF)