SmartCrete CRC Welcomes Paintback Limited as Core Partner

Since establishment in June 2020, SmartCrete CRC has worked to promote scientific and engineering research forging the way for Australia’s concrete industry, including developments within the concrete supply chain and associated industries and today we are delighted to announce Paintback Limited as a new core partner to SmartCrete CRC.

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Dr Warren South, CEO of SmartCrete CRC welcomes the partnership.

SmartCrete CRC is pleased to welcome Paintback Limited as a core partner organisation. Partners such as Paintback will assist us in developing our research portfolio to inform the future sustainability of concrete infrastructure.

Paintback’s ambition is to create a stronger circular economy for the materials it collects and lay the groundwork for developing new markets.

Paint already plays a role in circular economic outcomes through preserving and refurbishing infrastructure. Paintback is exploring how it can extend that through putting unwanted paint into new uses.

From trialling recovered paint products in pedestrian footpaths to research testing paint components as new additions to concrete, the national paint recovery scheme Paintback and alliances of Australian scientists and engineers are on the hunt for new ways to extend the circular economy for paint.

“Australians buy more than 100 million litres of paint every year. About 5 per cent of that is surplus to requirements and needs a safe disposal path. The SmartCrete partnership will help harness innovation to create more sustainable infrastructure while extending the life of unwanted paint” says Karen Gomez, Paintback’s chief executive.”

Click here to read the full Media Release (PDF)

For further information please contact:

Dr Warren South
Chief Executive Officer
SmartCrete CRC