Webinar – Decarbonisation Pathways

The recent publication of the document “Decarbonisation Pathways for the Australian Cement and Concrete sector” represents an important step for the industry in charting its course to a lower carbon future. It further represents the completion of the first project funded by SmartCrete CRC, in collaboration with RACE for 2030 CRC and the Cement Industry Federation.

To assist with understanding the content of the document the reports lead authors, Dr Martin Schneider and Dr Christoph Müller, presented at a webinar hosted by SmartCrete CRC on the 1st December 2021. In this webinar, the ambitions for the industry were presented along with the research and innovation areas that need to be explored to achieve these ambitions.

Bio – Martin Schneider

Martin Schneider is Chief Executive of VDZ since 1 January 2000. He has a background in physics and started his career in the cement industry 1991 in the field of environment and sustainability. He was head of VDZ’s department of environmental technology, later he was assigned head of the department of cement chemistry. Being the head of VDZ for 20 years now he has further developed VDZ into a knowledge centre of the cement and concrete industry, providing services for the whole construction value chain. Martin not only heads VDZ with its 200 experts in Düsseldorf but also serves as a strategic advisor for many cement companies around the world.

In 2003 Martin was also assigned managing director of ECRA, the European Cement Research Academy. ECRA is a platform on which the European cement industry and its stakeholders supports, organises and undertakes research activities within the context of the production of cement and its application in concrete. Its main activities today are on carbon capture as well as future grinding technologies.

Bio – Christoph Müller

Christoph Müller is Head of the Concrete Technology Department at VDZ. He studied civil engineering at the Technical University RWTH Aachen; was a Research Associate at the Institute of Building Materials Research of the RWTH Aachen (ibac); and in 2000 achieved a PhD at the RWTH Aachen.

In 2000 Christoph joined VDZ with a focus on concrete technology and durability of concrete (steel corrosion, freeze-thaw resistance, alkali-silica-reaction). Christoph is a member of numerous national and international standardization committees of concrete construction. In 2007 he was the Head of Concrete Technology Department and then Managing Director VDZ Technology gGmbH in 2012.

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