Future for 3D Concrete Printing: Sustainability & Standards

10 June 2023
By Jonathan Tran, Stephan Mansour, Materials Australia Magazine

As the world’s industries scramble to find solutions to growing problems posed by climate change, the construction industry has made significant strides thanks to the development of 3D concrete Printing.

This cutting-edge Innovation not only helps mitigate our impact on the planet but is also makes it possible to build reasonably priced homes out of recycled materials.

Reducing Carbon Emissions with 3D printed Concrete
The release of glasshouse gases during the traditional concrete production process significantly increases carbon emissions. Traditional concrete production process is responsible for approximately 8% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Furthermore, construction also creates an estimated third of the world’s overall waste at least 40% of the world’s Co2 emissions. However, a greener option is available with 3D concrete printing. This technology helps cut down on waste and energy consumption up to 50% compared to conventional building practises by precisely layering concrete in a controlled manner. The carbon footprint of 3D printed structures can be reduced over their lifetimes with the help of modern additives and binders that increase their durability and energy efficiency. As a result, 3D concrete printing is crucial to fighting climate change because it drastically cuts down on CO2 emissions form the building sector.

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