Case Studies

Wastewater Pipeline Sensing System

Project Partners: Macquarie University, Sydney Water and Melbourne Water

Failure of wastewater pipelines due to concrete corrosion is a global problem that custodians of this vital infrastructure face on a daily basis. Asset managers are currently unable to monitor concrete corrosion and its contributing factors over long periods of time using conventional sensing methodologies.

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Recycled Material Concrete Production

This project will investigate and implement new applications of domestic and industrial waste materials (plastics, rubber, crusher dust, industrial by-products) in the concrete construction industry. It will provide long term environmental and economic benefits to key stakeholders: supply-chain, government, and asset owners. 

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Concrete Corrosion Tracking and Prediction

Sewer pipe failure is a growing worldwide problem as wastewater systems age and come under increasing load. When sewer pipes fail it is disruptive for the general public and comes with high financial, public health and environmental costs. 

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