Development of eco-friendly concrete using industrial by-products

8 - 31 Jan 2021
University of Newcastle
$972,303.00 (Cash + In kind)
Sustainable Concrete

Challenge and proposed solution

Coal ash is one of Australia’s biggest waste problems and accounts for one‐fifth of the entire nation’s waste stream.

While there is a modest market for fly ash reuse as a cement replacement, coal bottom ash (CBA) is seldom utilised and is limited to road base/subbase. The disposal of CBA is becoming an increasing concern in Australia due to the growing volume of CBA, rising landfill costs, and its potential hazardous effects.

To address this issue, the University of Newcastle has partnered with Molycorp, Delta Electricity, RMIT, Pacific Blue Metal, Walter P & Gisela M Duber, ADAA, Concurs, and Transport for NSW to create an eco-friendly concrete product that uses CBA as an alternative for both cement and fine aggregates. This project aims to develop an efficient and cost‐effective technology using a novel mechanochemical approach to enhance the reactivity of CBA and address its inherent problems.


  • Molycorp
  • Delta Electricity
  • RMIT University
  • Pacific Blue Metal
  • Walter P & Gisela M Duber
  • ADAA
  • Concurs
  • Transport for NSW