Feasibility study into floating artificial reefs using smart concrete

1 Jan - 30 Mar 2022
Macquarie University
$92,550.00 Cash + In kind
Engineered Solutions

Challenge and proposed solution

Reefs are common benthic systems throughout Australia’s extensive coastline and deliver significant ecosystem services, many of which can be provided by artificial reef (AR) systems.

Most AR constructions that exist to date are made from concrete due to its chemical composition, availability and durability.

Supporting a broader scoping study into the potential of floating artificial benthic ecosystem to underpin offshore development by the Blue Economy CRC, SmartCrete, together with Macquarie University, reviewed existing concrete AR developments and used spatial analysis to investigate the potential of concrete AR projects in Australia. The gathered information, including a cost/benefit analysis, was used to produce a roadmap for the development of floating artificial reefs.


  • Blue Economy CRC