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Let’s transition concrete for a sustainable Australia together

Communities of Practice serve as collaborative networks where stakeholders can come together to share knowledge, solve problems, and innovate. These communities are composed of a diverse range of participants, including researchers, developers, designers, material procurers, architects, product manufacturers, industry associations, standards authorities, and government agencies. By connecting these key stakeholders, the CoPs aim to create a platform for collective learning and continuous improvement across the concrete ecosystem.


Each Community of Practice (CoP) – while drawing inspiration from the “Decarbonisation Pathways for the Australian Cement and Concrete Sector” report and featuring industry uses cases and research outcomes – aims to

  • Connect Stakeholders: Creating a network for researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers to collaborate and learn from each other.
  • Address Current Practices: Analysing and improving existing practices based on collective experiences.
  • Facilitate Dialogue: Enabling open communication for idea sharing, problem-solving, and exploring new opportunities.
  • Transfer Knowledge: Capturing and disseminating innovative solutions to enhance individual and collective capabilities.
  • Encourage Collaboration: Promoting collaborative processes to foster the free exchange of ideas and information.
  • Drive Innovation: Transforming standard practices to meet changing needs and technologies, and developing strategies to achieve common goals.

Discover more about each CoP and its chair who is driving the initiates forward

Olivia Alexis, a Technical Product Specialist at Cement Australia, is leading the Community of Practice in Sustainable Concrete. With a background in Civil Engineering from the Queensland University of Technology, Olivia’s passion for concrete was ignited during her studies. She has since become a key figure in promoting sustainable practices within the concrete industry, leveraging her technical expertise to guide the CoP towards innovative solutions in sustainable design, development, and reuse of concrete.

Dr. Daksh Baweja is the Director of Specialist Business and Materials at BG&E Engineering and an Industry Fellow in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney. Holding a Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering Science, and a Doctorate in Civil Engineering, Dr. Baweja’s extensive experience in both academia and industry makes him a perfect fit to lead the CoP in Engineered Solutions. His work focuses on integrating advanced engineering practices with cutting-edge research to develop innovative solutions for the concrete industry.

Leigh Staas

Research and Innovation Manager,
Sydney Water

Leigh Staas leads the Community of Practice in Asset Management. With over 15 years of experience across industry, academia, and government, Leigh is an expert in developing and leading innovative programs that address real-world problems. In her current role, she oversees the Sydney Water Innovation, Research, and Deployment plan, driving the organisation’s commitment to sustainability and industry advancement. Her leadership in the CoP aims to promote best practices in asset management, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of concrete structures.

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Community of Practice – Asset Management

20 Aug

20 August 2024 (12:00pm)


Community of Practice – Engineered Solutions

23 Jul

23 July 2024 (12:30pm)