Sustainable Low Carbon Concrete for Future Concrete Infrastructure (R1P39)

1 Mar 2023 - 1 Sep 2026
University of Queensland
$1,298,375 Cash + In kind
Asset Management, Sustainable Concrete

Challenge and proposed soution

Over 26 million cubic meters of concrete is annually used for construction and in mining, pavements and infrastructure applications across Australia.

Despite advancements in using supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) and recycled aggregates in concrete mixes, widespread adoption of low carbon concrete design principles has stagnated. With more industry and government organisations pressed to use low carbon or recycled materials to meet sustainability targets, there is an urgent need to update current industry specifications. ‌

The University of Queensland is leading a 3,5-year collaborative research project that investigates the use of SCMs and manufactured sand derived from recycled plastic, glass, quarry dust and furnace bottom ash in concrete operations for road and non-structural applications. Working with Austroads, the State Departments of Transport, industry associations such as Ash Development Association of Australia and others, the university will design, test and optimise low carbon concrete mixes using alternative materials (waste) that otherwise would go to landfill. The project outcome will influence the development standards and specifications for low carbon concrete used in non-structural applications, supporting industry applications and driving broader acceptance of concrete mixes with recycled content. ‌


  • Transport for NSW,
  • Adelaide Brighton Cement (ADBRI),
  • RMIT University,
  • Ausroads,
  • Ash Development Association of Australia (ADAA),
  • Australasian Slag Association (ASA),
  • Australasian Pozzolan Association Inc( APozA)