Decarbonisation Pathways for the Australian Cement and Concrete Sector

17 November 2021

Australia’s cement and concrete industry has long focused on reducing its environmental impact and, since 2000, Australian manufacturers and suppliers have steadily reduced CO2 emissions by 25%.

Yet, the challenge of decarbonising and meeting Australia’s net zero goals by 2050 requires further efforts and significant regulatory, technological, structural and behavioural changes across the entire cement and concrete value chain.

In partnership with the Cement Industry Federation (CIF), Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA), SmartCrete CRC commissioned VDZ to assess Australian cement and concrete value chain and identify possible pathways for the industry to lower its CO2 emissions.

VDZ’s report, titled ‘Decarbonisation Pathways for the Australian Cement and Concrete Sector’, outlines the technologies and practices necessary to decarbonise Australian cement and concrete, and identifies eight decarbonisation pathways and key future research requirements:

  • Zero emission electricity and transport;
  • Innovation through design and construction;
  • Further innovation in concrete;
  • Increased use of supplementary cementitious materials in concrete;
  • New CO2efficient cements;
  • Alternative fuels and green hydrogen;
  • Accounting for concrete to uptake CO2(recarbonation); and
  • Capture remaining CO2(CCUS).

The Australian cement and concrete sector is now developing engagement plans based on the identified pathways to implement the key recommendations of the report and are committed to reviewing progress on a regular basis.

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