Whip Around Wednesday – Episode 8

17 May 2023

Whip Around Wednesdays is back! Join the fantastic Estelle Clapham in this episode to hear about the latest innovations and current events happening in concrete world.

  • The European WOOL2LOOP initiative recycles building mineral waste into materials for geopolymer concrete. The project is the collaborative work from the University of Oulu, Saint-Gobain, and many more.
  • PERI 3D Construction is working on the largest 3D printed concrete building in Europe, using COBOD International’s revolutionary technology and materials from Heidelberg Materials.
  • Across the ditch in Auckland, Holcim New Zealand has opened a new low carbon cement replacement facility and launched two new environmental products.
  • A side note, please register for the upcoming SmartCrete Connect at UTS Tech Lab for a great networking opportunity with fascinating researchers sharing insight on their innovative work in industry.


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