Cost-effective, deployable photonic sensor system

1 Oct 2021 - 30 Sep 2023
Macquarie University
$1,300,174.00(Cash + In kind)
Asset Management

Challenge and proposed solution

Deterioration of concrete wastewater pipes is a known problem, with innovative sensing technology being developed to solve it.

Yet, the challenge lies in systemically implementing the technology across multiple locations and leaving it to collect real-time environmental and corrosion data over long periods of time.

The ‘Smart Coupon,’ developed through a previous SmartCrete project, is now being taken to the next level, from a laboratory prototype to a deployable solution in the field. These coupons – couple optical fibre sensors – are encased in a sacrificial concrete outer layer that can be deployed in corrosion environments to detect and manage degradation of concrete in water utility use cases. Led by Macquarie University in collaboration with Sydney Water, La Trobe University, Melbourne Water, and the University of Technology Sydney, this project seeks to provide partners access to dependable predictive lifetime models and reduce costs related to pipe rehabilitation.


  • Sydney Water
  • La Trobe University
  • Melbourne Water
  • UTS