Development of a concrete sewer maintenance hole inspection system

9 Jan 2022 - 3 Jan 2026
La Trobe University
$553,725.00 (Cash + In kind)
Asset Management

Challenge and proposed solution

Little is known about the condition of concrete sewer maintenance holes despite being critical assets within the sewer system.

Visual inspections are inadequate and not cost-effective (core drill sampling) which limits widespread use. Being present in every neighbourhood in Australia, the sewer maintenance holes represent a significant safety risk to the public and service personnel.

Led by La Trobe University in collaboration with Intelligent Water Networks, the project aims to devise a cost-effective and reliable solution for evaluating the condition of sewer maintenance holes by exploring the potential of sensors and robotics systems. This involves the development of a field-ready robotic assessment system for sewer maintenance holes and the use of a sensor fusion approach to perform robust condition assessments.


  • Intelligent Water Network