Embedded sensing system by continuous crack monitoring in concrete pavements (R1P48)

4 Jan 2022 - 31 Mar 2025
Macquarie University
$1,463,886.00 (Cash + In kind)
Asset Management

Challenge and proposed solution

Concrete pavements are designed to perform well under heavier traffic loads and harsh environments (temperature change, wet conditions, heavy loads and impacts).

However, like all other assets, concrete pavements tend to deteriorate over time under cyclic traffic and/or environmental loading.

Macquarie University, in partnership with Western Sydney University and Transport for NSW (TfNSW), aims to develop a sensory system for plain concrete pavements (PCPS). The system will include strain, moisture, temperature and pH sensors that will be placed at regular intervals for long-term continuous monitoring of pavements cracks in real-time. It is expected to reduce costs for both TfNSW and the public by enhancing maintenance planning through condition assessments of pavements.


  • Western Sydney University,
  • Transport for NSW (TfNSW)