Use of construction and demolition waste and recycled glass materials in sealed and unsealed roads

1 Sep - 31 Aug 2021
University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
$1,454,292.00 (Cash + In kind)
Engineered Solutions

Challenge and proposed solution

Australia’s roads – seal and unsealed – are subjected to traffic and harsh environmental conditions that lead to degradation and reduction in their performance.

Flexible road pavements made out blended materials are said to increase their lifespan. Yet, little is known how blended materials comprising of recycled glass and construction/demolition waste perform under traffic loads.

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has taken the lead in this three-year research collaboration with QLD Department Environment, Science and Innovation and Scenic Rim Regional Council to investigate the feasibility of using these recycled materials as sub-base of sealed roads and base of unsealed roads. UTS researchers will explore the properties of the materials, test their performance and effectiveness as blended road base material in a range of traffic conditions. The aim of the project is to develop an effective load-bearing layer in flexible road pavements to produce resilient transportation infrastructure. If successful, the project will divert construction/demolition waste and recycled glass from landfill, keeping them in the economy for as long as possible at their highest possible worth.


  • QLD Department of Environment, Science and Innovation
  • Scenic Rim Regional Council