Decision Support Tools for Life Cycle Management of Water Infrastructure Assets

6 Mar 2023 - 5 Mar 2027
University of Sydney
$3,080,562.00 (Cash + In kind)
Asset Management

Challenge and proposed solution

The management of utilities in the water sector, due to the scale and complexity, is an ongoing and growing challenge.

Emerging sensing technologies and advances in condition assessment methods create opportunities for a more standardized approach for managing the life cycle of water infrastructure assets.

The University of Sydney is leading a four-year research collaboration that brings together key players of the water utility sector and the University of Newcastle to deliver a robust asset management platform equipped with integrated decision tools, sensing systems, and NDT protocols. By aligning with ISO standards and considering the entire life cycle of assets, from planning to disposal, the project strives to provide a solution that can be continually adapted to evolving conditions. Through collaboration with industry partners, the goal is to establish a community of practice for digitization in asset management, ensuring a standardized and efficient approach. This project aims to integrate multiple technologies into an asset management solution to be deployed on the existing PARMS software platform (already used by water utilities) to enable strategic and financial decision making.


  • South East Water Corporation (SEW)
  • Melbourne Water Corporation
  • Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA)
  • Hunter Water Corporation
  • Water Corporation
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Sydney